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Success by Personal Wellbeing

Have you ever asked yourself how you can improve and use your full potential as much as possible to face the countless challenges in everyday life and still stay focused on your priorities?

We live in an extremely fast-paced and competitive world where the difference between being successful or not is in the details of how we approach the day.

As such, sport is a great example. In terms of performance, today´s athletes are performing closer to the human limits than ever before. This is possible due to the focus they give to the details of preparation, personal preparation but also the choice of equipment to use during their performance.

I have worked with professional athletes for several years, coaching them to be their best, by following the guidelines of the so-called “magic square”. The magic square is based on the 4 different skills; technical skills, tactical skills, physical skills and mental skills. Four skills that are fundamental for today´s athletes to be able to approach the levels that today´s sport demand.

The Magic Square

This model has worked well with professional athletes and I was curious to try the same strategy with my private clients. They all had their experiences and their knowledge (the technical and the tactical skills), and I helped them to focus and taking care of their mental and physical wellbeing.

Well, the results were remarkable.

My question is: if a professional athlete, leader in their sports, can use these skills to compete at the top, why can´t we all use them to perform our best in everyday life?

First of all we need to ask ourselves: What exactly is wellbeing? According to the European Health Commission on Health Systems and policies, wellbeing is “an emotional, mental, physical, social and spiritual state that allows people to reach and maintain their personal potential in the society.”

What I find really interesting is that all aspects of wellbeing are within our own control and if we want to get the most out of our potential, we need to start working on our various states.

This is an extremely interesting path for personal development with specific steps to follow. In the program Winning Tribe we handle exactly these areas, giving the participants all the tools they need to manage their states and to make the most out of their potential. In the next articles I would like to share with you some of these tools to help you significantly increase your personal potential right away.

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Anna & Alessio

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