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Our formula for Success

Have you ever thought about possessing an enormous potential, but never really tapped into it?

The classic phrase “she has a great potential but doesn´t use it” is a kind of leitmotif of my youth and probably common to many of us. Others can see our potential, but we can pass a lifetime without discovering it. What if we knew that we all have a great potential, active or not, that in anytime can be improved? How could we be able to make the most of our qualities and how could we use our full potential in everyday life?

Let´s start this journey to discover small but very significant details, which will lead us to a deeper knowledge of ourselves and that will help us to achieve better results in our everyday life. For good results I´m not only talking about our profession, as some of you might think, but also in our private life, as a parent, as a child, as a partner, as a friend or even, simply on the social level, as an individual.

As the first step on this journey, let’s start by dropping a rather heavy ballast: the excuses!

To do this I want to introduce you the formula to achieve your Best Performance (BP).

  • “P”: is your basic potential, coming from your genetics.
  • “II”: are the internal interferences, things that happens inside of you and reduce the potential (ex. internal dialogue, low self-esteem, etc.).
  • “IE”: are the external interferences, things that happens outside of you and that reduce your potential, even though not directly depending on you (ex. a pandemic, a war, the weather, accidents and so on).
  • “R”: are the resources (internal or external) that you can decide to use to lower the negative effect of the interferences on your potential and take actions for your best performance.

To recap the BP: the best performance comes when, despite the negative effect of interferences on the potential, effective resources are used to decrease the effect of the interferences themselves.

You have probably already noticed that 3 out of 4 components of the formula depends on us: the potential comes from our genetic heritage; internal interferences come from within us; resources are actions that we decide to take. Not only that, but often and thanks to the resources we decide to use we can decrease and sometimes even completely eliminate the effect of external interferences.

In essence, almost everything depends on us and in order to be able to unleash our potential it is essential to take responsibility for our actions, without making up unnecessary excuses that serves nothing more than to sabotage our self-esteem.

Success in life will come when we will be able to shift our focus from “i” (internal and external interferences) to “r” (resources). This formula is the first step towards increasing your personal best and the first thing we present in Winning Tribe, our online program for personal development.

Since in our previous article we explained how success comes through personal wellbeing, I invite you to reflect on one aspect of your psychophysical wellbeing that could be improved but which, despite its importance, you’ve not yet addressed.

The difference between achieving a goal or not lies in the decisions we make and the determination with which we persevere.

The decision-making will be the next subject for our series of articles created for your wellbeing.

As for determination, however, I would like to end with a sentence from Richard Bandler, father of NLP, who said “When you stop finding excuses and you start living, then you become determined”.

I wish you a great journey…. and no more excuses!

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