Wellbeing is not a destination.
Wellbeing is a way of living.

Winning Tribe is an all-in-one program for physical, mental and social wellbeing ,

providing the tools we need to enhance and maintain our personal potential in the society and in everyday life.

Winning Tribe is not a quick-fix, not a “in shape in 6 weeks” program or a magic diet.
We provide knowledge and education in behavioural changes for a sustainable lifestyle.

84% have stated that tools to increase wellbeing and simplify everyday life make a workplace more attractive

With Winning Tribe App you have everything you need in your pocket;

  • Self-coaching program with exercises 
  • Workout programs to perform at home or in the office
  • Calendar to set your goals and priorities for the day or the week
  • Education area with scientific information and tips for your physical wellbeing
  • Tools to calculate your TDEE and plan your meals in the best way
  • Webinars with topics regarding mental and physical wellbeing

Winning Tribe is a community for people who want to achieve more and ready to take personal responsability and act for their wellbeing.

How much better do you perform in life
when you feel great with yourself?

Let us introduce our model of work to enhance your employee´s general wellbeing in a simple, funny and sustainable way.


We believe in the Tribe, in a community, supporting each other to get the 100% out of ourselves and achieve common goals and success!

We created Winning Tribe after spending 1000 of hours helping our clients to improve their physical and mental wellbeing.

With experience, we have created a unique method that has helped our clients to achieve great results. Not only at work, or in sports but in their everyday life. 

We don´t believe there´s a quick solution to wellbeing. Every one of us must take their
personal responsibilityact and stay determined and our job is to support you along the way.


Discovering and becoming aware of your current situation and lifestyle is the most important part of a behavioural change. We believe that awareness is the key to personal growth and to reach new goals in life.
Winning Tribe gives you the tools to get to know your purpose, your values and to understand what is limiting you to perform your best.


When we have clarity in who we are, or who we want to be, what our core values are and what is driving us forward, we can finally start to take the new actions.
Winning Tribe gives you the tools to develop new habits and behaviours based on the new knowledge you have about yourself.


Making a change, small as big, can be challenging. We know by experience that support is the link to maintain new habits and stay determined in a long-term and not fall back into old patterns.
Winning Tribe is a community helping and supporting each other to reach and maintain our best potential.

Our mission is to strengthen each individual's potential to create a Winning Tribe.

Winning Tribe Toolbox

Benefits of investing in personal wellbeing and development